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Manchester United concluded the 2018/19 season with a 2-0 home defeat against relegated Cardiff on the final day of the campaign, arguably a perfect summary of the previous 10 months.
In what might sum up the last five years at Manchester United, this season saw a blend of utter chaos, false dawns, and a real sense that no one is quite sure how to get this football club going again.

Looking at the trendlines, it’s pretty easy to spot what the major narratives were at Old Trafford.

Another Jose Mourinho meltdown for the first half of the season led to poor numbers, while David De Gea’s heroics in 2017/18 were unable to continue and all the problems in this side came home to roost.

Subsequently, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came in and saw a genuine improvement in the side’s performances boosted by a huge positive finishing skew, convincing the board that the Norwegian was the man for the long haul.

Then, as the fixture list toughened up, the team inevitably had a dip in performance, but this had the bad fortune of being met by a return to league average finishing at both ends, amplifying a view that everything had once again gone wrong at Old Trafford.

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United finished outside the Premier League top four for the fourth time in six seasons since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, and experienced a big fall from last year’s second place.

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